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Your Biggest Fan

the debut novel by

Jeremy Rosenholtz

Available November 2024

About the book:

Midlife crisis looms over the world of our unnamed protagonist: a thankless teaching job, failed writing career, a family pulling away from him, and a growing obsession with the music of his favorite pop idol. He pores over her lyrics, uncovering parallels to the disintegration of his own life. When he finally decides to reach out to her through fan mail, things take a turn for the strange… Will the object of his obsession recognize his true self when those around him don't? How far will he go to be heard?

Your Biggest Fan is the debut literary work by Jeremy Rosenholtz, a dark and often hilarious metafictional fable about celebrity obsession, growing older, and the search for meaning in a world where the glamor of pop culture can be incompatible with the harshness of everyday life.

ISBN: 9798988180920 (paperback) | 9798988180937 (ebook)

Praise for the novel:

    — Kirkus Reviews

photo by Theresa Johnson

About the author:

Jeremy Rosenholtz grew up in Wyoming and currently lives in Massachusetts with his wife, two daughters, and a Golden Retriever.
An award-winning educator, he has taught English in independent schools for over thirty years. When a midlife crisis smacked him upside the head like a proverbial ton of bricks, Rosenholtz resisted the urge to join a motorcycle gang or hurl himself out of airplanes. Instead, he decided it was high time to write his first novel, Your Biggest Fan.