Demersal Publishing

Now Accepting Submissions

Demersal is currently accepting submissions. We want to know what you’re writing - especially if it’s challenging, experimental, or subversive. We love art that presents underrepersented narratives, confronts complexity, and finds unexpected humor. At this time we are primarily interested in works of literary fiction, specifically novellas and novels, but will also consider proposals for curated collections of shorter works. Selected projects will be published as short-run paperback releases and ebooks.

If you’d like to work with us, please contact us via email or snail mail and include:
  • a brief summary of the work and any relevant context
  • an artist bio including any previously published works
  • your manuscript as a pdf or word attachment (sample ok if sending via physical mail)

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PO Box 575
Tacoma, WA 98401
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We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis. Our next reading period will begin January 31st, 2024, and we will do our best to respond to all submissions recieved in this reading period by end of February 2024.


What is your selection criteria? We are a very small press and want to put our all into ensuring that each title we release is a truly covetable paperback. That means we can only put out a couple titles a year. With this in mind, we are looking for books that we are personally excited about, and want to tell all our friends to read.

Are you a traditional publisher? Yes, we are a traditional publisher, meaning we will cover the costs to print, distribute, and market your book, and do not ask authors to contribute to publishing costs. However unlike most traditional publishers, we believe that authors should retain the ownership over their work, and we do not request authors sign over their intellectual property rights when publishing with us.

Have another question? Please contact us and ask!